Paty Maldonado’s particular formula for leaving Chile: she plans to live in the United States

On several occasions, Patricia Maldonado expressed her desire to leave Chile. Even some of her critics from time to time remind her of her sayings and wonder if that situation will actually become effective.

For the same reason, the subject came up again in this Tuesday’s edition of Las Indomables, where her friend Cata Pulido asked her about the option of leaving the country and settling abroad.

Immediately afterwards, the former Mucho Gusto panelist confirmed that her idea is to leave Chile, although it would be “with fine print”. This, because she has in mind to go to Gringolandia, but not forever.

“I have always said that I love the United States because it is a capitalist country and I love capitalism, I like people who have money, that the rich never disappear from the world,” he reflected at the outset.

The clarification of Paty Maldonado

And on it, he explained how he plans to carry out his plan.

“My idea is to live six months in the United States and six months in Chile. Take advantage of the summer in Chile, work, make my coffee concert and leave when winter begins here, ”launched the former singer.

Of course, he warned that it does not cross his mind to leave Chile definitively.

“But if I go, I don’t have to go. I have not stolen, I do not owe 600 million dollars like Mrs. Provoste, I do not have to give explanations like the Minister of the Interior, they do not accuse me like Cathy Barriga, “she explained in her style.