Pancho Saavedra’s move: he helped a woman who moved him after a shocking story in a chapter of Places that Speak

On October 8, in Places that Speak a situation arose that moved Pancho Saavedra. The Channel 13 host was shocked after learning about the case of Catalina Calbucheo, a beloved producer of vegetables and chicken eggs who appeared in the remembered chapter.

During that episode, the driver harvested kohlrabi, a vegetable with which the woman prepares salads and, a variant of the classic national drink (pisco sour) and that delighted even the already iconic “Taster” with a “kohlrabi sour”.

Of course, what left Saavedra with her heart in her hand was the hard-working story of the woman who lives in the surroundings of Puerto Williams, who at that time said that more than a year ago she had a serious accident while working.

In fact, due to that fall, she remained on the ground for two hours until her son found her, as she called her husband, but he did not listen to her due to his hearing problems.

The dramatic thing is that that blow meant a fracture in his clavicle and in his right shoulder, in addition to having previously been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.

When resorting to the corresponding post, after the accident, it was not a priority to leave the island in the emergency plane, so they only gave him palliative treatment and a possible surgery for the year 2025 at the Magallanes Clinical Hospital in Punta Sands.

It should be noted, as Catalina’s husband reported in “Places that speak”, that the other option that the Maricoy Calbucheo family had was to treat her through the private health system. The cost of the operation alone was more than eight million pesos.

Pancho Saavedra’s move

For the same reason, when the program aired, the woman continued without proper attention and the drama she was in was evident. Faced with this fact, Pancho Saavedra, moved by the impotence of the family, pulled the strings and asked the authorities for help, specifically the Undersecretary of Assistance Networks of the Ministry of Health, Fernando Araos, who managed a quick attention and solution to his health problem, as confirmed by La Cuarta.

As a result of all this management, the 67-year-old woman underwent surgery on Wednesday, November 2, where a Reverse Prosthesis was placed on her right shoulder. Today, the vegetable producer has already been discharged and with a very good evolution. Her son, Julio Maricoy Calbucheo, is still in contact with the production team of “Places that speak” and with Pancho Saavedra, to whom he has been communicating about the state of health of his mother.