Pablo Milad winks at the U and hires the former executive director of Azul Azul

Pablo Milad overtook him at El Deportivo. The president of the ANFP announced that for his second cycle, after being re-elected for the next four years, he would make a series of changes to the executive staff that accompany him at the Quilín headquarters. The curicano is not satisfied.

“Being involved in everything has caused me a quite significant family and health energy drain. I must improve the executives who accompany me, who are in charge of the ANFP. We must be more careful in many things in which we have had problems. In that I admit my fault, because I have had to work beyond what is normal for a president due to the fact of not having an effective companion. That is my fault, for being such a tolerant man and putting up with so many failures without making head cuts ”, said the ANFP helmsman.

The day after the interview, Enzo Yacometti, general manager of the ANFP, submitted his resignation. He accused family reasons. The decision was informed through an email to all the officials of the soccer house.

Faced with such a scenario, Pablo Milad, the president of the ANFP, quickly began the search for his replacement. After analyzing a series of names, he finally settled on Pablo Silva, the former sports director of Azul Azul, who was at the dealership during the Carlos Heller years, specifically from June 2016 to December 2018. Today he was working as manager of radio platforms in Mega.

The arrival of the commercial engineer from the Universidad de Los Andes did not go unnoticed in La Cisterna. Because although it has not yet been made official, since he will take office at the end of November, his arrival generated good feelings in Azul Azul. They see it as a wink considering the tense relationship that exists between the student team and the ANFP. Silva, who belonged to the previous administration of Carlos Heller, maintains a cordial relationship with the new controllers of the secular team. Milad himself acknowledged the conflict with the concessionaire.

“The University of Chile was an ally until this new administration arrived. Unfortunately they have distanced themselves and have been part of an opposition because they think that we do not want to help them or that we want to harm their institution, something that is quite the opposite. They believe that we are against the University of Chile, but that is not so. I am not against any team. Universidad de Chile has to join us because we want good things for Chilean football”, Milad closed.