Pablo Milad: Chilean football is not in crisis

The president of the National Professional Football Association (ANFP), Pablo Milad, commented on the complications that national football has experienced to schedule matches and assured that the activity “is not in crisis.”

“We are not in a crisis. It unfortunately coincided that there were two suspended games,” Milad said on Monday.

“We have had authorities that are very supportive and others that are not. We have had conflicts with authorities, so I invite the minister (Alexandra Benado) to join in for a change and criticize less,” he added.

“It’s not just football, because we are an important part of the problem, but We want to be part of the solutions, and that does not depend only on the ANFP, it depends on the authorities, so we must accentuate the penalties for bad behavior in the stadiums, as it is in other countries,” he added. Milad, who confirmed that Deportes Antofagasta will be transferred to the Disciplinary Court.

“In an extraordinary meeting, the board of directors of the ANFP has unanimously decided to denounce the Antofagasta club for non-compliance with article 23, for which it will be transferred to the Court, which is responsible for applying the sanctions. Antofagasta will make its defense and must expose It was due to force majeure,” he said.