Overwatch Player Teaches How To Make The Perfect Combo With Roadhog

Source: esportstales.com

Roadhog the adventure partner and bodyguard of Jamison Fawkes AKA Junkrat, has received a series of changes during these two years in Overwatch, at some point we had a great combo, which made almost any hero disappear, if we were to execute it, but after A few nerfs and tweaks, that combo was gone, until today.

A Reddit user posted an interesting guide, where he shows how the Roadhog combo hadn’t really disappeared, it just changed a bit, in the past (and I include myself), most players using Roadhog would execute the next combo: Hook + Primary Fire + Melee, then in a few updates that combo shifted a bit due to the distance the hook left our enemy being a bit longer, so the pellets from Roadhog’s gun didn’t hit them. they fully reached.

Leaving us with a combo more or less like this: Hook + Walk + Shoot + Melee, also this combo did not eliminate targets with more than 200 HP or sometimes it did not even reach that number, but the discovery he made Kappachino, brings back the magic of this combo a bit, giving us more chances to take out our targets. Of course, the combo that he perfected is not at all easy to execute, since timing is a very important factor.

[GIF GUIDE] How to Roadhog 1-Shot in 2018 (Patch 1.30) desde r/Overwatch

In this excerpt posted from the complete guide on Reddit, we can see that this new “technique” has two very important factors, the place where you must set your sights and the timing with which you must move, according to Kappachino, after the hook positions your victim near you, you have to walk approximately 1/8 of a second, obviously mentally no one could count it, but clarify that with practice it is possible to execute it whenever you want.

In his complete guide on YouTube Kappachino also leaves us a list of the victims who could die of 1 shot with this technique, the only hero who is saved, almost by the hair of dying in front of Roadhog, due to his armor (which remains somewhat of damage on this type of projectiles), is Brigitte, basically in the video it shows that Brig is the only target with 250 health that is impossible to kill with this new combo. If you want to take a look at the guide to the new Roadhog combo made by Kappachino, we leave you the video after the jump.