Overwatch 2: You can now see Kiriko’s cinematic

Get to know the two sides of Kanezaka’s protector in her new short that celebrates her debut in the hero shooter.

Overwatch 2 is here and with him the heroine who represents his first season: Kiriko. Players dedicated to the support role now have a new option to use in battles. And just like Junker Queen, she also earned her own cinematic that expands on her story and personality.

During TwitchCon 2022 the new short-lived tape that represents the protector of Kanezaka has been presented by Blizzard. Here she reveals the two sides of her: one of her as a loving daughter and another as a mortal guardian. She can also be seen in other dubbings, for example in Latin Spanish.

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The cinematic explains the value that the spirit of the fox has for Kiriko in Overwatch 2. Part of the legacy that he carries from his family and his beliefs is developed. Even the action has the weight of a Japanese action movie with the presence of the Hashimoto clan, their lifelong rivals after the fall of the Shimadas and the kidnapping of his father.

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For now Junker Queen and Kanezaka’s protector are the only ones so far who have received a cinematic unlike Sojourn, the only one who is a new prominent member of the Overwatch organization. In fact, all three have origin stories that develop them a little more from another visual section for the hero shooter.

Still, to commemorate Kiriko’s departure from Overwatch 2, Blizzard continues to dole out rewards associated with her. Between 7-16 and 17-24 October you can win cosmetics and the Kiriko Sukajan legendary skin just by watching Twitch streams where the title is being played. It should be noted that your platform account must be associated with the one you have on Battle.net.