Overwatch 2 leaves part of its community in check as an adverse effect of its security measures

Overwatch 2 it’s here, and its biggest change isn’t that Doomfist is now tanky, or that Bastion moves in turret form. The step from business model to being a free-to-play game is definitely something Overwatch has to adjust to, and this transition isn’t being as simple as hitting a button.

The one the shooter’s Blizzard now be free has made the company work on a containment method for malicious players. If your account is free-to-play, what does keeps you from being toxic and come back with a new name once you’ve been banned? Well, for starters, a telephone verification system. And this is where the problems start.

And it is that, the SMS authentication It is being a real headache for many players. Some cannot access it because they use a prepaid number instead of a contract, on the other hand there are those who use a service provider not considered safe by Blizzard, as we can see in reddit complaints.

On the other hand, there are also those that simply and simply have several accounts for various members of the household, but only one telephone number that meets the conditions imposed by the North American video game company. In the end, this has caused social networks and internet forums to catch fire in the face of a very big problem: there are people, even those who had already paid to play the first Overwatch without problems, who they are not being able access this free-to-play sequel.

Blizzard’s response has not been long in coming, but it has not had the repercussion that the community expected. The company has removed the need to use a phone number to play, but only for those who already had an Overwatch 1 account. The rest of the players must continue to comply with this condition, as it is key to combating the use of bots, hacks and toxic behavior in the game.