Overwatch 2: How to unlock new heroes?

A new leak revealed how new heroes will be unlocked in Overwatch 2, causing the community to be concerned.

Overwatch 2 is getting closer. As we reach the long-awaited release date, more details of this sequel are coming out. This week, the new way in which new heroes can be unlocked in the game was leaked, unfortunately, this worried the community for a good reason.

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As many will remember, Overwatch 2 will be released as a free to play title, which will bring some big changes. To begin with, the loot boxes will disappear from the game to make way for the Battle Pass, which will serve as both a free and paid progression system that will allow players to earn rewards and level up. Now, the recent leak revealed that the new Overwatch heroes can be purchased through the Battle Pass, a decision that caused controversy in the community.

So will players be forced to purchase and progress through the pass to get the new heroes? Will there be another way? Well, Blizzard has already come out to clarify the matter. Through a tweet on his official Twitter account, Jon Spector, business leader and vice president of Blizzard, stated that the information in the leak was incomplete. Although the heroes will be obtained through the Battle Pass, Spector clarified that these will be in the free tier.

“Regarding the incomplete information previously released about the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass, we will share all the details before launch. But we want to confirm that the new heroes will be available in the free track of the Battle Pass, “said the Spector.

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But doesn’t this mean that heroes can only be unlocked in their respective seasons? Couldn’t this make Overwatch 2 a pay-to-win? Well, according to Spector, there will also be other free ways to unlock characters. Unfortunately, the Blizzard manager did not give more information about it.

At the moment, all that remains is to wait to find out all the details of the Overwatch 2 Battle Pass and the new heroes.

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