Overwatch 2: Hero unlock details leak

After the move to the free game model, the hero shooter would limit players in competitive access or obtaining them.

October 4th is just around the corner to give everyone free access to the update of Overwatch 2 and their new heroes. But the latter would be significantly affected both in the progress to win them and in the event that they are not reached.

According to 4chan leaks captured on Reddit the new characters of the hero shooter would require to accumulate at least 15 hours played to be unlocked in the battle pass. If you don’t have any of them the player would be banned from competitive mode in the first two weeks of the start of each season.

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“4Chan Battle Pass Leak – Take it with a grain of salt.”

In addition, the filtration adds details in relation to the aforementioned service. It would cost a total of $10 USD equivalent to about 1,000 Overwatch Coins (the premium currency). For season 1 the new heroine would come after its immediate purchase Kiriko and a legendary skin for her. Furthermore, it would be option to use level boosters to complete it quickly and a cosmetic from the new mythic category for level 50.

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Let’s keep in mind that Overwatch 2 will take a hit in the way of winning over heroes. The new ones will no longer be immediately available from the start, but rather you will have to fight for them first. In fact, the situation of those who are currently playable is unknown. Perhaps the use of certain challenges is resorted to to obtain them as in VALORANT.

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