Overwatch 2 Game News: What Players Don’t Like

Overwatch 2 is finally out, but sadly it’s not getting much love. Blizzard’s FPS has introduced some changes that players don’t like. It’s hard to find your way around this new opus, which struggles to please everyone. Between the much-discussed Battle Pass and the divisive 5v5, let’s take a look at the main elements that players don’t like.

The death of loot boxes and the arrival of the battle pass

Yes! Goodbye loot boxes and player levels. In the first
Overwatch, it was possible to unlock a lot of cosmetics like skins or tags just by leveling up. By completing matches, players leveled up and were rewarded with a loot box. This mechanic allowed players to own a few virtual decorations of varying rarity without paying real money. They could also buy various loot boxes at high prices if they were impatient. All of this is a thing of the past since the release of Overwatch II. The battle pass has arrived, and so has a feeling of emptiness that has quickly taken over the hearts of players. Player Tiers are now Battle Pass Tiers. There is a free lane and a paid lane that contains many more elements. Players quickly realized that they had to play a lot to progress through the battle pass. As an addition, Blizzard has announced that not all characters will be accessible by default, but from a certain level. This is the case of Kiriko, who must be unlocked from level 55 (except players with Overwatch 1, who can only play with her in competitive mode until level 55). A strange idea that the players do not approve of at all. Level progression is too slow, even with repeated playthroughs. Is this the counterpart of becoming free-to-play? Couldn’t Blizzard have done better even for a free-to-play game? In any case, this choice is hotly contested and doesn’t seem to reassure players about the future of the game.

The disappearance of level progression has also left a huge void for some. It was possible to level up in a few games and, over time, see your player portrait evolve. Beyond the aesthetic aspect provided, there was a real sense of satisfaction. Progression is now tied to Battle Passes and is done slowly. For many, the levels and loot boxes were what made players want to keep playing. The attraction of winning in this new version is not as interesting as in the previous one.

The new 5v5 team setup and feel of the game

Going from a team of 6 players to a team of 5 was no small feat for Blizzard. They wanted to make the games less “boring” by removing a tank. According to them, with 5 players, it is now easier for everyone to contribute effectively. Such a change is not without consequences… All the old characters had to be rebalanced to be viable in this new configuration. Balance is always a complex issue in a multiplayer title… That’s why it’s not uncommon for the current meta to play the same heroes over and over again, or for a player to be forced to switch characters to play something more unanimously “viable”.. For many, this goes against what Blizzard did with the first game. They focused on character exploration…. Perhaps this was only valid when players were still discovering the game in 2016.

Tanks, or rather the tank team, now have a very difficult place. They get overwhelmed more easily, but are supposed to be more aggressive, like damage heroes. Many gamers have expressed their displeasure that this downplays the strategic aspect of this FPS in favor of a game where the heroes’ abilities shoot out in all directions, without really requiring any organization. Some wonder if it is a role that has any value in this new installment. Also, being the only tank on a team adds pressure to the player. The off-tank position in the previous game offered significant support to the main tank. Some tanks may feel insulted by not running the most optimized character since the game launched. It is a surprising decision coming from the North American company, whose objective was to reduce toxicity at all costs. Many players are hoping for a strategic buff to encourage diversity in tank heroes and make them more valuable.

Overwatch 2: What Players Don't Like

Details that make players’ hair stand on end

Overwatch 2: What players don't like

In the first game, when a player made a really good run, their portrait would burn and all the other players could see it. A feature called “on fire”, which gave players a boost in games by rewarding them for their impressive performances. It was not just an aspect to show off, but also to evaluate one’s level according to the criteria established in the game.. In Overwatch 2, the flaming portrait has been removed to the dismay of players. Well… it hasn’t been completely removed, as your character keeps exclaiming that he is on fire, without it being visible on screen. Still in pvp performance, the scoreboard is no longer visible after a game. It is impossible to know if the action of the game has not been achieved, but it has been acted on numerically. The first game offered a table full of medals that gave an idea of ​​the level of the players in certain categories. Now, the endings seem empty… as if something was missing to conclude their bloody and sweaty game. Added to this is a sound quality that some users considered lowered, especially with the noise made by some weapons, which seems less real. The new game menu has also been criticized for being less ergonomic than before.

The magic of Overwatch seems to be long gone. Many gamers considered this second installment to be a clumsy step towards free-to-play, as if the marketing and all the money that has been earned is imposed on the players. Without the PVE that hasn’t been released yet and gives that middling feeling to the game… it’s like
Overwatch 2 is just the first game, but not that great. That’s the bleak balance of fans of the license who are voicing their disappointment en masse. Fortunately, Blizzard has announced that changes will be introduced over time, which will make the player experience even more enjoyable. So there is hope for this famous FPS! Perhaps, with a little patience, fans will rediscover this second opus in a new light.

How about? Still hoping the game will get better over time?

Overwatch 2: What Players Don't Like