Overwatch 2 Game News: New Trailer for Upcoming Legendary Skins Leaked, Players Gonna Get Them!

Overwatch 2: A new trailer for the next legendary skins has been leaked, players will get them!

The massive inferno that ignited around the release of Overwatch 2 is slowly being tamed, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for developers. While Blizzard did its best to contain the flames of player anger, other elements added fuel to the fire. Now that all of this is settling in, players can start to look forward to the upcoming additions, especially the skins. It may be that the new features will make your mouth water, even if it means reaching for your wallet.

New skins to revive the controversy?

It is often said that the calm precedes the storm, but, to Overwatch 2clearly the opposite has happened. The sequel toOverwatch it was found under fire from critics after an extremely difficult launch, but it seems that things are slowly being fixed and the patience of the players is beginning to be rewarded, as we learned yesterday that Kiriko’s character is finally playable through this game mode. If it didn’t have much to be proud of, now Overwatch 2 can smile, and according to Activision-Blizzard, it has nothing to be ashamed of when compared to its big brother, as it has even surpassed it!

Overwatch 2: A new trailer for the next legendary skins has been leaked, players will get them!Overwatch 2: New Trailer for Upcoming Legendary Skins Leaked, Players Will Get Them!

From now on, we can focus more on the content and less on the controversies that have plagued the launch of the free-to-play shooter. Speaking of which, there is a new leak that has caught the attention of gamers as it directly points to the upcoming Legendary skins that will be joining the game.Overwatch 2. They are sure to be a hit with players, although the sheer price of the cosmetics has made many jump recently, as the time it takes to acquire them for free is simply unbelievable.

Fatale, Hanzo and Zenyatta will be legendary in Overwatch 2

So recently, the content ofOverwatch 2 has leaked again. The leak spread on social networks, especially on Twitter, we discovered a video showing sketches and animations for the new legendary costumes of Fatale, Hanzo, Zenyatta or even Chopper, which is now available in the in-game store for a limited time. In this way, players were able to discover that the Cyberpunk theme would be preponderant in this first season and that it would be applied to the cosmetics of many characters, including the three mentioned above.

While we do get a glimpse of Jackal and Soldier 76 with some aesthetic niceties, it’s Fatale, Hanzo, and Zenyatta that are winning the hearts and minds of fans eagerly waiting to pick them up. But there is a catch: in reality, their limited duration may force players to pull out their credit cards because the number of credits required to purchase them is too high. Thus, the arrival of these legendary cosmetics and the way they are included would be enough to arouse the ire of the players.. Especially since players could also blame them for these outfits not being included in both versions of the Battle Pass.