Overwatch 2 community can’t find fixes for Mei anywhere, while another hero hides a worrying bug

Mei is already in Overwatch 2! No, we have not played the wrong game and we are not talking about a new character. If you haven’t heard, the Blizzard heroine spent time in the workshop fixing a certain bug with his ice wall. An arrangement that seems to have taken too long, and that is that Mei disappeared from the game 17 days ago and even suffered a delay in her triumphant return. Yesterday, November 17, she marked her triumphant return, but it seems that the Overwatch 2 team couldn’t fix it at all.

The situation was as follows: when Mei used her protective wall of ice, combined with a Kiriko In her same team, the Japanese heroine could use her teleportation to reach the wrong areas of the map. Of course, we talk especially about break the limits of the game, which would give certain errors. However, players have been testing these “changes” and, apparently, it is the same.

Some users like Talyir have been testing these alleged arrangements on YouTube. In fact, the same content creator already did the same, explaining what happened with the bug when combining a Mei and Kiriko. In the map of goldin the LumériCo facility at the end of the stage, Mei, you can continue raising Kiriko within the structures themselves.

Again, you don’t have to do much as you can see, and that is that we just have to activate the ice wall as Mei, that it take us to the top and as Kiriko teleport to our ally to get off the map. It is not known if other areas can be reached from there or even if this place can be used for shooting without being discovered, but things look bad for Mei.

Torbjorn, another case of hopeless bugs?

The case of the small curmudgeon lord of the north also appeared a few days ago, although Blizzard has not mentioned anything about it. This problem has to do with his turrets and the gibraltar map. By managing to place them in a certain place on the map, it will go through the structures, but it will not fall into the abyss, but will be assembled under the stage.

Herein lies the problem, which is that Torbjorn’s turret can fire from the ground in the last defense phase on Gribaltar. It is reached the last stretch, close to spawn of the defenderswhen the turret will shoot through the ground at enemies.

In fact, this seems to be a glitch inherited from the first Overwatch, where in the same location you could imitate this process. At least for now, neither of the two heroes has entered Blizzard’s crosshairs, although Mei’s case is worrisome. Taking into account that half a month was lost since the game came out and users have not even taken 24 hours to replicate the same bug, the ice heroin will have to spend another time in “intensive care”.