Overwatch 2: Blizzard denies the fox rumor

Through Reddit it was clarified that the leaks about the possible hero that pointed to the blue figure seen in the reveal trailer were false.

Months ago he appeared in one of the trailers of Overwatch 2 a mysterious blue fox that seemed to be the summon of a hero or perhaps oneself. He advanced time and the ball was getting bigger and bigger saying that he could be the next character to be announced. but now it appeared Blizzard to suppress all kinds of rumours.

Jon Spector, Game Business Directordismissed the output of the figure in the Reddit of the FPS after analyzing the recent leak of 4chan. In addition to this, the caster and former player Kevin “AVRL” Walker also stood out the falsification of the revealed content.

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Yeah, that ult is great, but it has a huge downside. Any enemy can touch your stomach and apply the Eight Trigamas Seal, and your nine-tailed fox cannot be used again (we don’t usually comment on things like this, but I wanted to make a Naruto joke, and yes, this is fake. ยป

The information that had emerged from the page dedicated to anime and manga seemed to fit with the aesthetic of that blue fox that was seen seconds in the Overwatch 2 trailer. It was said that he was the final hero to come out before the pass to the free model of the FPS her name was Kimiko and that she would be played in the Support role. What Spector was alluding to was an ultimate that summoned a nine-tailed fox in the same style that Hanzo does with his dragon.

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On the other hand, Blizzard’s priorities point to a third beta will not come out and that they will maintain their forces for the transformation of the sequel on October 4. Even so, there are names in the waiting line for his roster, gaining momentum for Mauga after the rejection of the last mentioned.

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