Overwatch 2 announces its new hero

Blizzard Entertainment surprises and Overwatch 2 announces its new hero. The video game has been a success since its launch.

Overwatch 2 has announced its new hero. The sequel has only been out for a month, but Blizzard Entertainment is already preparing to reveal a new player. This week, the video game’s social accounts revealed that we would soon see a new hero for the first time. It will be tomorrow, November 4, during the Grand Finals of the professional league. Who that hero will be has yet to be announced, but players at least have an idea of ​​when to expect that “first look.”

The excitement of the new hero in the Grand Finals!

Sadly, that’s as far as Blizzard’s latest Overwatch 2 teaser gets us. We know when, but not exactly what time. And for sure we don’t know what to expect from the first look either, since nothing has really been said about the next hero that will come to the game.

Blizzard hasn’t announced a specific time in the tweet about when exactly, during the Overwatch 2 League Grand Finals, the new hero will be shown off. But that’s pretty normal when it comes to these kinds of advances. At the end of the day, the company wants you to be aware of its event. Putting an exact time would make me lose the emotion. The public would only enter at that time to see and meet the new hero.

What can we expect from this new update?

This new hero will be the fourth for Overwatch 2 since the game’s launch. It launched in early October with Sojourn and Junker Queen at first, the latter being a character that had been talked about several times in the history of the saga and who finally made his playable debut. The next new hero was Kiriko, who was also part of the game’s launch but was locked to the battle pass, so his delay was staggered in that regard.