OPPO guarantees four major software updates with five years of security patches starting in 2023

MADRID, Dec. 21 (Portaltic/EP) –

OPPO has reported on the extension of its update policy of software ColorOS, which will have four major updates guaranteeing five years of security patches newspapers in certain flagship models of the brand from 2023.

The Chinese tech manufacturer has pledged to lengthen the life of your devices and has bet on deliver “longer-lasting and more stable” smart experiences to users all over the world.

In this way, OPPO has increased ColorOS core updates to four with five years of patches security globally. A measure that will come into force starting next year, although it has not specified which are the terminals that will benefit from this measure within their high-end mobiles.

ColorOS is the customization layer of the Chinese technology manufacturer based on Android and, currently, has the ColorOs 13 version (Android 13) what It was released on August 18 of this year. Y It has already reached 33 models of ‘smartphones’ throughout the world, according to what the company has collected in a statement.

In this sense, OPPO has confirmed that ColorOS 13 has been the operating system that has been deployed faster than any previous version in the history of the brand. In fact, this system has tripled the number of users, since its global rollout until now, compared to ColorOS 12.

Specifically, the data collected by the company has revealed that the number of Smartphone models compatible with ColorOS 13 exceeded those compatible with the previous version by more than 50 percent during the four-month period after its official launch.

Likewise, OPPO has underlined that Color OS 13 is a customization layer that seeks “simplicity and comfort” with its Aquamorphic design, inspired by water Its features include technologies Smart AOD, Multi-Screen Connect and Home Screen Managementwith which the company provides greater “ease of use” and “intelligent experiences” to users.