ONE to ONE of the Cacique before the Spanish

Omar Carabali: He had not had any work until minute 30, when he had a spectacular bailout on Fekir. Quiet game for the goalkeeper, who would be watching his last minutes with the Colo Colo shirt.

Bruno Gutierrez: Correct defensive game, with good closures and coverage, although without much projection in attack. Of course, he abused the infractions. I went out to 72.

Maximilian Falcon: Calm engagement for Wig. He did not have any worries and was an important agent in the team’s departure. He lowered the revolutions that took him out of the game against River Plate.

Matias Zaldivia: Very good game of Cabezón. Always well stopped, it was an impassable wall for the Betic attack. He put his defense on his shoulders and completed a great match, in addition, he put a beautiful ball for Agustín Bouzat’s goal.

Oscar Opazo: He was playing a good game on the left side and, unfortunately, after 30 minutes he had to leave due to injury.

Cesar Fuentes: Correct work of the Corralero, being the perfect partner for Gil. He had a great journey, always with a very useful silent job for the team, being the plunger of transitions from defense to attack.

Leonardo Gil: Another great game. He returned to the position where we saw his best moments in Colo Colo and was a bird of prey to cut off the Andalusian attacks. He served as a relief and, in addition, scored two magnificent passes for the goals of Juan Martín Lucero.

Gabriel Costa: Perhaps one of the lowest. He had the opening of the scoring, but he kicked the penalty very badly that was saved by Dani Martin. Then, he had creative work, but he was very absent in three quarters of the field. He made up his game with a great definition in Colo Colo’s third goal. He went out to 72.

Augustine Bouzat: I activate Chiqui on the left side. He disturbed the Sevillian defense and stood out in a great way to score the second for the Cacique. Correct meeting.

Marcos Bolados: Al must. The right pointer had the mission of opening the field and reaching the bottom line, however, there was little danger caused by his sector. He had some dangerous attacks, but they didn’t get any worse. He went out to 72.

Juan Martin Lucero: Mr. Cat party. He collaborated in all the tasks in attack, fell back, pivoted, had several chances and opened the scoring with a great goal. To crown his dream afternoon, he put a beautiful pass to Gabriel Costa in the third conquest and scored another great goal for the fourth goal. He shows in every encounter that he is vital in the Cacique. He came out at 81 to a well-deserved ovation.

Peter Navarro: He was admitted as an emergency after Óscar Opazo’s injury and he complied. Although practically nothing was projected in attack, he kept his sector well controlled.

Jordhy Thompson: The youth squad is daring. He went in and immediately tried different things. Quick on his legs and with a great offensive vocation.

Alexander Oroz: Another high income. He marked differences for his sector and, with his speed, caused significant danger. He took great advantage of the licenses in the visiting defense to assist Zavala in the fifth.

jeson rojas: Good income from the side. Correct in the mark and judicious in the delivery. complied.

Christian Zavala: In the first one he touched, he scored. Intelligent to mark the pass to Oroz and define at the mouth of the goal.

Daniel Gutierrez: Very little to evaluate it. He entered when the last minutes of the game were being played.

Lucas Soto: When he was trying to create a difference, he received a harsh infraction from Paul, which could have been something more serious.