on the way to season 3!

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La France Bouge and the network of ICC share the desire to see French companies develop in France and internationally. This common commitment brings them together again for the Entrepreneurs and territories tour. Every month, a La France Bouge program will be hosted live by a CCI or a leading company in its territory. A different theme will be addressed at each stage of this tour of France to understand the issues of the local economy and the challenges of the moment. The first theme of this new season will be “hyper-proximity in the territories”.

Support entrepreneurs and territories

The CCI network accompanies those who undertake in France. With a unique network of 122 CCIs, which allows it to be “the trusted local network” of nearly 3.8 million companies for their development in France and abroad, the CCIs mobilize training to the creation, through the development of companies. “The CCIs act on a daily basis to develop an ever more competitive and sustainable French economy,” says Alain Di Crescenzo, President of CCI France.

By joining La France Bouge, the benchmark program for business creators, local authorities or associations that innovate for the future, the CCI network addresses the key subjects that concern entrepreneurs on a daily basis. Hosted by Elisabeth Assayag, the Entrepreneurs and territories tour offers a closer look at those who are committed to their businesses.

Back to season 2

Last year, the Entrepreneurs and territories tour brought together 45 guests in 9 CCIs in France. After a launch in Paris, listeners were able to travel from Annecy to Grenoble, via Bordeaux, Le Mans, Lyon, Saint-Brieuc, Strasbourg and Troyes.

The Salon des Maires de Paris to launch season 3

To start this new tour of Entrepreneurs and territories, go to the Salon des Maires de Paris on November 24 on the CCI stand Pavilion 4, stand c34. This gathering of elected officials and actors who work for the management and development of territories will bring together more than a thousand operators; so many figures essential to the territorial network.

With Alain Di Crescenzo, the president of CCI France, the theme tackled in France moves will be the hyper-proximity in the territories. The opportunity to observe how the CCIs participate, with their partners, in making our territories more agile and attractive for companies.

To find out more, meet on November 24 at 1 p.m. on Europe 1 for an hour of broadcast between interviews, in-depth reflections and concrete solutions.