“On the 5th your allowance is over…”: Copano attacks Gonzalo Feito without a filter after ironizing with his routine

Journalist Gonzalo Feito starred in a harsh Twitter crossover with comedian Fabrizio Copano.

In the bird’s network, the former CQC shared a video of the comedian who participated in an Approval event. In the brief recording, part of Copano’s routine is heard and that it pointed to the relationship between a father and a son.

“Now I’m finding out what kind of dad I want to be, so I’m finding out that the only hu… I don’t want is to be that kind of dad who is like a friend to his son, because I feel like I can’t be his friend if I’m guilty. … to his mother”, Fabrizio explained to the public.

With irony, Feito reacted: “Very talented for Chile.”

Of course, the former member of The comedy club, responded with everything.

“Is this the same one that (with 3 producers telling him what to say) was like an idiot in front of Javier Bardem?” Copano wondered, remembering the controversial question he asked the Spanish actor in 2018.

“He gives life lessons? Beware of pride, son of a knife. I know that having a program on VTR channel 87658 can make anyone dizzy, but on the 5th your allowance runs out”, shot the artist.

Check Copano’s answer

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