O’Higgins is left without DT

In Rancagua they are very attentive to what happens with the Second Chamber of the Disciplinary Court, because depending on the result of the appeal of the match between Sports Antofagasta Y Palestinianthe classification of O’Higgins to the next South American Cup.

However, once the tournament is over, the celestial hosts began to suffer movements in the face of the next transfer marketin which they must look for reinforcements and also the coaching staff.

And it is that O’Higgins reported that by mutual agreement the decision was reached not to renew the contractual relationship of Mariano Soso and his coaching staffwho achieved 11 wins, 11 draws and 8 losses in the 2022 National Championship, being the fifth team that lost the fewest and the fourth that received the fewest goals.

“We wish the best of success for this qualified group of professionals led by technical director Mariano Soso and made up of technical assistants Diego Buján and Martín Wainer, as well as physical trainer Juan Manuel López”says the statement from the ‘Capo de Provincia’.