Official: La Roja has a roster for the South American Sub 20

The mystery is over. This Saturday, Patricio Ormazábal delivered the list of the Chilean Under 20 team for the South American that will be played between January and February in Colombia.

In the list, the names of Lucas Assadi and Darío Osorio, figures from the University of Chile, in addition to Joan Cruzflyer of Colo Colo.

“Foreigners” also appear on the payroll. Chilean-American goalkeeper Vicente Reyes (Atlanta United) and Chilean-Argentine defender Tomás Avilés (Racing Club) They got on the list and both appear as starters.

The one who was definitely left out is Sebastien Pineau, who will finally play with the Peru team.

La Roja will integrate Group B together with Bolivia, Ecuador, Uruguay and Venezuela. The debut of the national team will be on January 20 against “Tri”.

This is the full list:


Thomas Gillier

Vincent Reyes

edward villanueva


Tomas Aviles

darko fiamengo

Maicol Leon

Marcelo Morales

Sebastian Pino

Yahir Salazar

Matias Vasquez


Lucas Assadi

Christopher Castillo

Renato Cordero

Joan Cruz

Jeison Fuentealba

Bryan Gonzalez

Martin Maturana


vincent conelli

Paolo Guajardo

Manuel Lolas

Dario Osorio

Diego Ossa

Gabriel Norambuena