“Obviously I have done it…”: Tonka Tomicic surprised with a flirtatious confession about her privacy

In the recent chapter of the Tonka Tomicic program, we have to talk about sexthey talked to their guests about sexting.

This practice is a virtual dynamic between two people who exchange photos or videos with a high erotic content.

During the conversation, Tonka was asked directly if she would sext her partner. The cheerleader then answered honestly, if a bit flustered.

“I find it super entertaining to send each other videos, photos, obviously I’ve done it, but already having a page seems to me to be big words, because you feel that you should feel very good or be very sure of yourself, because it’s an attitude,” explained the cheerleader.

It was then that the guest Matías Vega threw an unfiltered question at the cheerleader. “And what do you show when you send a photo, in sexting?” He asked.

“I think, like… well, one always sends (a photo) from above, as well as in a curve,” she replied with a laugh, somewhat nervous.

After this, he added: “I think the image is very sensual, but, for me particularly, the words are more erotic than the images. I believe that words open up a world of possibilities, an image invites you but there they are, words are a universe”.

Watch the entire program below: