Nuguri announces his retirement from professional LoL

While in the West we await the official announcements of signings in LECthe League of Legends in Asia has a difficult day. Emotions have mixed to color a very strange day in Korean LoL. On the same day as Lee Sang-hyeok “Faker” renews with T1 until 2025, the LCK says goodbye to a much-loved player. The same Ashley Kang bring the news from the west where Jang Ha-gwon”nuguri» makes his retirement from competitive LoL official. The toplaner korean champion worlds 2020 he retires at only 23 years old due to health problems. Nuguri decides to put pro LoL aside and pay primary attention to his health, leaving a giant mark on the competitions in his brief career.

It is very difficult to see nuguri retire when we look back, he has been a world champion and has remained among the elite in recent years. Nuguri, who grew up in Damwon KIA until ascending to LCK, being champion of it and being champion of the world, today he retires at his short 23 years and with a journey of no more than 4 years. However, the race nuguri it differed from that of many, managing to capture its indelible mark with an enviable brevity.

Nuguri says goodbye to his life as a professional LoL player

With no more than four seasons, Nuguri closes his stage as a competitor of League of Legends. After suffering many problems related to his health, the player who participated in the worlds 2022 with Damwon KIA steps aside. Nuguri leaves behind an incredible career, which he forged at a very young age and with impressive effectiveness. From his beginnings in Damwon, to the promotion to the LCK, Nuguri started as one of the many Korean promises. It wasn’t until he rubbed shoulders with the greats in 2019, ranking the worlds, where we could see the monstrous level it had. The young and rookie Nuguri revolutionized the game of worlds 2019, imposing the fashion of wearing the kleptomancy to the top lane.

A fairly fast path and without so many victories was the one that he traveled in the worlds 2019 the young Nuguri, but It was enough to turn his rivals upside down to watch his game, which would be the trend of the year. It will go down in history as more experienced compatriots like Kim Dong-ha.”Khan«, who at that time was a member of SKT T1, were the first to criticize his ‘strange’ way of playing, and then copy nuguri style agreeing with the Damwon player.

In 2020, Nuguri achieved something that fills the mouths of many historic players, winning a World Cup in his second year. Maybe Kim Hyuk-kyu”Deft» Today I prefer his story, but if I asked him a few months ago he would have opted for the method of players like Nuguri. Forming a lethal trident with Kim Geon-bu”canyon» and Heo Su «Showmaker«, which has gone down in history as one of the trios in the best shape in history, Damwon docked the 2020 World Cup. While the main focus of many was the pandemic, Damwon put a ten-step difference between his level and that of the rest of the world. The young organization was crowned world champion and a nuguri more than happy chose kennen for immortalize his performance during the world cup in a small electric raccoon.

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DWG Kennen, the skin honoring Nuguri for his 2020 world championship win

But not everything in life is right and nuguri he found out by making a big mistake. The toplaner left his life in Korea to try his luck in the Chinese league with FPX. A rather interesting project, with better pay and competing in the LPL was what Nuguri opted for over keeping his trident in Damwon. The world champion moved to China and it didn’t take long for him to regret it of the decision. In an interview during the early season, Nuguri recounted what a bad experience she was having living in China. Bad experience that ended in tragedy after the exciting FPX project will crash in the 2021 Worlds, being left out of groups.

At that time, Nuguri’s mental and physical health was far from what was necessary to fight in the elite. The young Korean took a break which ended in the middle of this year in Your return to Damwon KIA. With a very different level, Nuguri failed to establish himself among the best again. The end of his career came to an end after the recent World Cup, where health problems needed to be the main focus in their life. nuguri says goodbye to the professional scene, leaving an indelible mark, crowned with the world champion trophy and being one of the pillars of the past batch of Korean players.