Now that Volkan is out of jail: Here’s what you need to know to watch the “Betrayed” finale – Betrayed

There is only one chapter left for the Turkish TV series “Betrayed” to end, and some things that seemed impossible are becoming reality.

Nothing would presage that volcan I could go to jail, or what Gönul I would thank Asya for having saved his daughter twice.

That is why we tell you what was the most important of the penultimate chapter of betrayedso you can enjoy this grand finale in the best way:

Derin reconciles with Asya

After leaving the psychiatric center, Derin he settled down and apologized to Asyawho made life impossible for a long time.

Asya since she is a woman without grudges and sensible, she forgave Derinand not only that, but also transferred the properties that volcan I had stolen from him. Likewise, he asked her to drop the charges, so that the father of Ali can go free.

Volkan is released

volcan who spent a month in jail, apparently did not learn enough, because his attitude, far from being modest, continues to claim an authority that no longer belongs to him, losing it himself with his actions.

went to graduation Aliand realizing that Onur He was sharing with his daughter, he got out of control and without caring about the others, he ruined important memories of his son.

Derin opened her eyes with Volkan

After a state of shock, Derin she was able to see her situation, look at herself and what she has become after passing Volkan’s attention.

That is why, in a last attempt at self-love, he decides to forget about volcan and continue your love life with Onur.

In fact, in the last broadcast episode, he had the opportunity to say it to his face, where he even confessed that he was unfaithful.

Nil and Selcuk

nil Y selcuk It seems that they are the calmest couple in the TV series, because the young man was able to resolve the issues with his ex-lover.

Also, they were able to know that they will expect a girl, which is tremendous news for them, who have consummated their marriage, after everything they have been through.

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