“Now I decide that they know”: the powerful relief of Daniela Castro after the controversy with her ex-partner

A few days ago, Daniela Castro spoke about her private life and confirmed the break with her ex-partner, Max Rivera, after receiving an uncomfortable question.

After this, they emerged on social networks some comments made by the participant of Chef’s Disciplewhere he cataloged him as “mythomaniac, unfaithful and swindler”.

Dani’s release

Dani returned to her social networks to share a powerful vent after the impact her comments had against her ex.

“I had made the decision not to tell for now or make public something that has not only affected me, but several people,” Daniela began by pointing out.

Likewise, he regretted that “they took my words from a photo of September 17 and simply uploaded it quoting me, as if I had declared that (…) People speculate, comment, and talk about something they do not know, and that they did not live.”

However, despite the negative side that the dissemination of these comments had, Daniela revealed that “many people have written to me congratulating me and/or thanking me for what came out, since unfortunately they experienced the same thing.”

“Those unexpected messages, I swear to you that they excite me infinitely, they give me 100% support, that they are there for whatever I need, it seems unfair that they say I’m crazy or that I’m spiteful, and they are willing to do anything to get by,” Danny added.

“Unfortunately I am not the first”

The influencer stressed that although she has had good relationships, also “at one point in my life I have decided wrong, I have repeated things, I did not look well and I am responsible because they were also my decisions.”

“All these experiences have made me grow infinitely… if I can help others, if I can speak for those who couldn’t, I will do it a thousand times! Even if they talk about me as they are doing, I already have a bad enough time so that what they think affects me, ”she added.

Along the same lines, he commented that “unfortunately I am not the first (and even more unfortunate) nor the last person to go through such experiences.”

“Now, with facts that I and several decided to show, they can talk,” explained Dani.

Along with the publication, Dani added several screenshots of conversations with other people.

“Now I decide to let them know. Liar, unfaithful and scammer, ”he wrote next to the post.

Check out Dani Castro’s post below: