Now Facebook will allow you to decide what content you want to see more or less in your home

So far the usual thing is that Facebook show us content according to what its algorithm considers that we might be interested in. But while the platform isn’t planning to let go of that premise, it will soon introduce a method that gives users a little more agency in deciding what is or isn’t displayed on their Facebook feed.

Specifically this week Facebook ad which will introduce “new ways to personalize” what users see in their Feed. These new forms basically consist of the option to select two options – “Show more” or “Show less” – before any publication.

By choosing “Show more” Facebook will understand that we want to see other posts like that and will “increase the ranking score of a post and similar posts” in its algorithm. All while choosing “Show less” will do the opposite and will decrease the score of other publications in that line.

According to Facebook, this will help make each user’s home more interesting and allow their “artificial intelligence systems become more intelligent and responsive”.

To access the “Show more” or “Show less” options, you just have to press the three dots on a post, and although this is only working for traditional posts (whether from users, pages or groups), Facebook maintains that in the coming weeks it will begin testing this option with Reels.