“Notes”: The new Instagram tool to post statuses

The new function of the social network allows you to write phrases that are visible in the circles of the stories.

One of the social networks that over the years continues to be one of the favorites by users is Instagram. The platform has been innovating its functions in order to expand the reality and virtual experience of users.

Within the framework of the above, Instagram has just shared its new tool. It is about the function “Grades”which allows Internet users to publish a written phrase on their profile stories.

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But how does this new tool operate?

Just like other functions, “Notes” also has its own features. The first thing is that they have a duration of 24 hours and if you want to share more than one, the new text will replace the existing one.

This new tool is similar to Twitter, the difference lies in the number of characters. On the one hand, Elon Musk’s social network allows you to use 280 characters in your tweets, while Mark Zuckerberg’s platform only gives you the option of 60 characters with spaces.

To find “Notes” on the social network, go to the Instagram messages section, located in the upper right corner. There is a sign “+” to leave your phrase or thought of the moment.

If this “+” option does not appear on your profile, you should check if Instagram is up to date. And in the event that even doing this the (+) option does not appear, you will have to wait for the company to activate the new tool.

"Grades": The new Instagram tool to publish written statuses