“Not being able to live as long as I can, that’s my biggest fear”: Aaron Carter’s heartbreaking latest interviews

Aaron Carter lost his life on November 5 at the age of 34.a death that shocked the show and that has revived some of his last interviews before his dramatic end.

The artist opened up to talk about his addictions and mental health problems. In fact, according to TMZ, the Friday before his body was found, he had an appointment scheduled for his fifth rehab attempt, which he did not attend. It is believed that his absence was because he was already dead.

his last interview

On August 7, Nick Carter’s younger brother was interviewed for the last time. In conversation with Kaila Methven he looked better, he even said that he was sober.

“I think I became the real, true, authentic version of myself,” he revealed seemingly happily.

Aaron Carter and Kaila Methven

“I had no choice”

In 2017, in a chat with Entertainment Tonight, he said he doesn’t feel family love. “Do you regret becoming a celebrity,” the reporter asked, to which Aaron replied, “I had no choice.”

In addition, he revealed between tears the hatred that came to him via social networks: “How would you feel if every two seconds you see a tweet that says: ‘You have AIDS’, ‘Now die’, ‘You are an addict'”.

And he said that he intervened his face to not look so thin, although he confessed that “he was born like this”, and that he could not do much more for his image.

Aaron Carter on Entertainment Tonight
Aaron Carter on Entertainment Tonight

“I want to have a family”

In 2018, he confessed to Hollywood Life that he saw himself “being with a woman and having children. I want to have a family”. In 2021 he managed to become the father of little Prince, along with actress Melanie Martin.

In 2019, on The Doctors program, he said that he knew it would not end well because of the drugs he was taking: “There is no happy ending to any of those drugs (…) it is a medical fact.”

“What’s your biggest fear?” the interviewer asked, to which Carter replies overwhelmed, “I don’t even know how to answer that question… Not being able to live as long as I can, that’s my biggest fear.”

Aaron Carter in The Doctors
Aaron Carter in The Doctors