“No, why is he coming”: Mauricio Isla’s brother answers questions with controversial “live” from jail

Through a live instagramMauricio Isla’s brother would have interacted with his followers from the Santiago Uno prison.

As published by the site infamous, Pablo answered different questions from those who followed the transmission. As expected, the footballer familiar to him was part of the questionnaire.

Do you have a couple? Does your brother visit you? These were two of the questions that the young man decided to answer honestly.

Regarding his sentimental life, the defendant clarified that he cannot enter into relationships “because I am gray.” About the Huaso? He replied clearly: “No, why are you coming here?”

Crimes of Pablo Isla

It should be remembered that, in April 2022, the journalist Cecilia Gutiérrez provided details about the accusations against Pablo Isla, who was arrested for the crimes of sexual abuse and serious injuries.

“He had a relationship with a couple for more than a year and what she denounced was that they had gone to a party and that after that party, he would have gotten a little violent with her and assaulted her and also would have abused her in different ways,” said the communicator.

Likewise, he announced that “he is in Santiago Uno and should be in pretrial detention while this investigation process lasts, which will determine whether he is responsible or not. That is up to justice, because I like that we are cautious with that.”

“Here there is no opinion or sentence yet. He went to a detention control and later to a formalization, where the magistrate determined that he will be in preventive detention, ”Gutiérrez explained, stating that he will be at least 70 days while the investigation lasts.