“No one accuses me of having scammed him. I sleep peacefully”: the defense of Karol Lucero after serious accusation

A high caliber controversy stars Karol Lucero in social networks, after being accused of promoting a supposedly fraudulent investment model.

“@Karol_LuceroV’s IM Academy was targeting a similar model where they ‘help’ you with investment ‘recommendations’, you eventually invest in shitcoins, gradually lose your money, and the only beneficiaries are the founders,” the account wrote. Twitter @BotCheckerCL.

Aware of this message, the former Mucho Gusto decided to defend himself.

“And when is that thing you mention mine? I was a guy who also fell for that lie, nothing more, don’t go making it up. I spent a month in that ‘academy’. I tried to learn something new in pandemic. That’s where the not check is, “replied the communicator.

Of course, the tweeter crossing was just beginning.

“Hello @Karol_LuceroV eye that here we have never falsified data or assertions are made without basis. I will respond to your location between today and Tuesday, we are on break this weekend, we are not going to suspend it for so little. Greetings ”, they responded to Lucero, who replied with a list.

“Okay. Points to clarify: 1) Karol’s IM academy… prove that said ‘company’ belongs to me 2) you are talking about benefits of founders, you will not be able to prove that it is mine, but neither that I benefited from it, and if so, in what and how ? 3) for there to be a scam there must be scammed. Who?” Karol wrote.

“1: You will not set the points to investigate. 2: We will make all the data we find available to people and people will decide whether or not you actively participated in the pyramid scheme. 3: You requested evidence, that will be the approach we will take. On Tuesday the 11th, then”, Bot Check Chile promised.

Already on Tuesday, the key date, Karol replied: “Take responsibility for what you actually say. In any case, it does not matter, a wn that does not show its face and hides behind a bot account, what validity could it have? If you have proof of a crime, present it to the prosecution. Otherwise it is useless… I am enjoying my life”.

presented the evidence

“In his legitimate right to innocence, he maintains that he had no participation in the IM Master Academy pyramid scheme and maintains that he only participated as a student for a short period of one month and challenges us to prove otherwise. Let’s see how it was,” wrote @BotCheckerCL before presenting the following tests:

In his defense, Karol clarified that “everything you publish happened in the short period I mentioned, I was a deceived student. You said that IM was mine, it was demonstrated with your own arguments that she was a LIE and most importantly THERE IS NO ONE who accuses me of having scammed you. I sleep peacefully.”