NO MESSI, NO NEYMAR AND NEITHER HIMSELF: Ronaldinho named the best dribbler of all

Although in recent times they have been Leo MessiNeymar Júnior and himself the players who have stood out the most for their ability to unbalance, Ronaldinho mentioned another unforgettable legend when asked to choose his favorite dribbler.

Although he continues to maintain that Messi and Neymar are the active footballers who make him enjoy the most, the 2005 Ballon d’Or winner confirmed that his favorite dribbler was, is and always will be the eternal Ronaldo Nazário. He said that he always saw his compatriot as a master in this aspect of the game.

dino does not forget the bicycle, the tread, the cuts, the pipes, the elastic and the changes of direction of the Freak.


“Favorite dribbler? For me, Ronaldo changed football. He was number 1. He changed the way of playing football. With strength, speed and technique… all together. He started doing things that no one had ever seen before. I copied a lot of things (from Ronaldo Nazário) and we played together. He was great”, concluded the legend of FC Barcelona, ​​in an interview that he starred in with the official channel of RMC Sports.

For many, Ronaldinho is the best dribbler of all time. However, the Porto Alegre native acknowledges that the first player of his generation to take dribbling to another level was Ronaldo Nazário. He was the biggest source of inspiration for him to become the magician who would later rise to the top of world football.

Undefeated data. Before the period of dominance of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo began, Ronaldo Nazário (1997 and 2002) and Ronaldinho (2005) were Ballon d’Or winners. Although they did not have as consistent a career as that of Leo Y The bugboth reached the top in world football.

Did you know..? Ronaldinho scored 33 goals in the 97 games he played with the Brazil senior team. At international level he was champion of the Copa América (1999), champion of the World Cup (2002) and champion of the Confederations Cup (2005).