Nintendo would have worked on a Nintendo Switch Pro

For years the rumor has been circulating that Nintendo is preparing an improved version of its nintendoswitch, which would arrive to extend the life of the console as its successor arrives. This new version is known as the Nintendo Switch Pro and the most recent rumor indicates that Nintendo would have canceled its development long ago.

On Digital Foundry’s last podcast of the year, we heard John Linneman say that, according to his developer sources, Nintendo had been working on a Nintendo Switch Pro but decided to cancel it to avoid disappointment, just like the Game Cube and the Nintendo Switch Pro. Nintendo Wii U.

Despite the fact that the Nintendo Game Cube has many highly acclaimed titles and for many it was the best console of its generation, the reality is that its sales were not so good and it turned out to be a disappointment for Nintendo. The Wii became a huge success, but the transition was rocky again with the Nintendo Wii U, Nintendo’s second disappointment as it transitioned between generations.

According to John Linneman, Nintendo wants to avoid a situation like the two mentioned above for the successor console to the Nintendo Switch, so they decided to cancel the mid-gen upgrade and are instead focusing on the actual successor.

It has been said that the Nintendo Switch is barely halfway through its life and could be on the market for even 3 more years, but surely Nintendo is already working on its successor and could even announce it sometime in 2023, assuming that its launch it’s not that far away.

Even so, it is unknown if the successor to the Nintendo Switch would continue with a similar design, which allows us to play portable and on televisions but with better performance than the current console.