Nintendo Switch Sports hasn’t worked online for days due to an error introduced by the game itself – Nintendo Switch Sports

Although it may go a little unnoticed, Nintendo Switch Sports is one of the most popular video games of the year switch. The title has resulted in a megaton in terms of sales and, for this reason, many users have opted for this familiar proposal that allows us to play different sports with movement controls. Given its success, those responsible for the title they are releasing updates periodically, although with the last one they have suffered a setback.

Patch 1.2.1 caused annoying crashes on the loading screen

The update 1.2.1 from Nintendo Switch Sports came to the hybrid console early last week with the aim of addressing some disruptive player behavior, including the fraudulent manipulation of save data. Far from solving the problem, the patch has caused very annoying errors such as crashes on the loading screen when playing online or offline.

As a temporary solution, Nintendo itself reported last Friday, October 14 with a message published on its official social networks that, in addition to suspending the distribution of the patch, proceeded to disable Nintendo Switch Sports online servers until you can fix it, something that also prevents you from making backup copies of the saved data.

That was on Friday and, still on Monday and at the time of this writing, Nintendo Switch service has not resumed and there is no target date to fix the problem. Nintendo encourages us to stay abreast of the official channels to find out what’s new in this regard, but this situation has generated discomfort among players who, in addition to not being able to enjoy online games of the title, cannot obtain certain rewards by not being that game mode is available.

Beyond the amazing commercial performance of the gameWhat is it one of the most successful titles of the year at the sales level on Nintendo Switch, in terms of content and possibilities, the truth is that it was not a revolution at its launch, although we encourage you to take a look at the Nintendo Switch Sports review that our colleague Jesús Bella made in his day to know in depth his opinion on the proposal.