Nintendo Switch exceeds 114 million consoles sold

There are already more than 114 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold worldwide. The hybrid has placed almost a billion games.

Nintendo has updated Nintendo Switch sales data, clarifying that there are already more than 114 million consoles sold. Historical figure in a quarter that is not so, since 3.25 million consoles have been placed, below the 3.84 million consoles sold in the same quarter of 2021.

However, they are already 114.33 million Switches sold, with 917.59 million games sold. The combination of both factors makes the hybrid one of Nintendo’s most prolific platforms. In hardware sales, your next target is the Game Boywhich remains at 118.69 million units. In software sales it surpasses the laptopbut it is behind Wii, which placed 921.85 million games.

Nintendo Switch can reach 2023 as one of the 3 best-selling consoles in history

Nintendo has cut its forecasts and now does not rule out raising the price of the hybrid, but everything indicates that, at the end of 2022, it will achieve another milestone with Switch. Historical sales of Playstation 4 place the Sony console in the 117.01 million units sold.

That separates it from Switch by so only 2.68 million consolesbefore a Christmas campaign in which Nintendo hopes to hit hard thanks to releases like Pokemon Scarlet and Purplealong with the Black Friday sales and the year-end sales boom that usually occurs in the video game sector (and many others).

It is to be hoped that, in the face of the next fiscal quarter, Switch sales have already surpassed those of PS4 and will be placed very close to Game Boy, or even surpass it. In that case, It would become part of the top 3 best-selling consoles in history.