Nintendo Switch 2 | Pro: the next console would be sold in mid-2024 according to reports | Console | Sale date | DEPOR-PLAY

The previous generation video game consoles had a useful life of approximately 7 years. The console It was launched in 2013 and in 2020 the . Everything seems to indicate that the consoleIt will continue this trend and will be launched in the year 2024.

While it is true that Nintendo’s portable console has had different versions that have improved some elements such as the size of the screen, the hardware has not changed at all.

Between the Switch OLED and the normal version, only the screen, the storage change and the LAN connector is added. As expected, the most modern games can compromise the power of the device, so a new Switch is expected to be announced in 2023.

the japanese medium reported that the Nintendo Swtich 2 or Pro will be launched in 2024. Nintendo would already be in talks with the different component suppliers to start production.

The report warns that the console has already managed to sell more than 120 million units worldwide, but that it would be approaching stagnation very soon. For this reason, Nintendo should already be planning the release of the next generation.

The latest Nintendo Switch game?

What will be the last Nintendo Switch game to push it to its limits? Let’s remember that the PS3 did not have a good performance at the time of running The Last of Us; for this reason, Naughty Dog had to develop a version for PS4 so that sales do not fall.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom could be the last great triple-A game to squeeze the full power of the device.

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