Nintendo didn’t want Mario hitting in Smash Bros

Sakurai reveals the internal conflict within Nintendo that occurred with the first Smash. Part of the company didn’t want Mario hitting Smash Bros.

In his latest video, the director of Smash Bros and now Youtuber Masahiro Sakuraihas shown the first prototype of the first smash. It is not the only curiosity that he has shared about the game with which the Nintendo fighting franchise began on N64, since he has also revealed that there was a strong internal conflict with him. Part of Nintendo didn’t want there to be a game with Mario hitting others nintendo Characters, they didn’t want Smash Bros..

The conflict came when the development of the game had ended. As Sakurai explains in the video (you can see it below), “opinion at Nintendo was divided”. On the one hand, there were the developers who used to play video games, of which Sakurai points out that “they loved the time they spent with the game”. On the other hand, there were the sales teams and wholesalersthat “They flatly rejected the idea of ​​having people from Nintendo beating each other up”.

It was also difficult convince people who were used to more traditional fighting games. Super Smash Bros. was very different from the usual fighting game and so they had to find the right way to tell the world about what the game was like and try to convince them. This is how platforms like Smash Bros Dojopacked with information about characters and mechanics.

What would have happened if they had cowered and given in to the voices saying that seeing Mario beating up Yoshi, Luigi, Kirby or Donkey Kong in Smash Bros. It was crazy? Probably, we would have missed one of the most important series in the history of video games and one of the best games ever.

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