Nicole Traviesa: “I am proud that they follow me from Chile… I would love to go for a walk or play”

Nicole Naughty (23 years and 1.74 meters) She was born in Barcelona and is one of the great figures of the world female paddle tennis circuit. The Catalan is currently 72nd in the planetary ranking. Her rising fame in sports has also allowed her to become a rage on social media: on Instagram he has 70.6 thousand followers, while on Tik Tok he has 16.8 thousand followers. Several of them are Chilean.

For the same reason, Traviesa spoke with AS about his career, the boom in paddle tennis throughout the world and his desire to visit Chile. “Since I was little I have really liked sports in general, I started playing tennis at the age of 6 and at 10 I switched to paddle tennis. Now it’s my life and I can’t imagine myself without it, ”she said.

– What are your highest aspirations in paddle tennis?

– My short-term goal is to get to play the final Master, where the first 8 couples enter. In general, reach as high as possible, this year is my goal and I’m going for it.

– What do you think of the boom that paddle tennis has caused around the world in recent times?

– Paddle tennis has grown a lot in a short time, it is a sport that everyone can practice, that is the most beautiful thing. After many years and effort I have become a professional. The important thing about this growth is that it can continue advancing at a professional and sports level, for this it is transcendental that it be broadcast on TV. It would give us the visibility we deserve.

– In Chile there are many people who follow you and other paddle tennis professionals. What do you think?

– For me it is a pride that they follow me from Chile, because I consider that it is also a country that is very devoted to sport and its people. It’s nice to know that from the other side of the world they appreciate the work we do.

– What do you know about Chile?

– Chile is a country that has one of the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in the world. I would love to visit Patagonia for its lakes, mountains… In general, everything must be incredible.

– Have you ever been to Chile or would you like to come to play or take a walk?

– I haven’t been, but I’d love to go. It is a country that I have in mind to visit and hopefully compete there in a tournament. It would be nice to bring so much talent to a great country like Chile.