Nicolas Palma | The jewel of the Promotion that interests the U: “On the campus they bothered me when they found out”

Nicolás Palma (21) has been one of the mainstays in the remarkable campaign that Cobreloa carried out this season. The young defender made a space for himself among the eleven starters and his great performance earned him a recent nomination for the Sub 23 Red, for which he will participate in the next microcycle with a view to the Pan American Games in Santiago.

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In addition, his name began to make rounds in University of Chile. The blue team seeks to rearm its squad and one of the sectors that worries the most is the rear. “I did not know, until a colleague began to show me posts on some portals”points out the loíno player in dialogue with Ace.

– What did they tell you on campus?

.- On campus they bothered me when they found out, they told me “good Palma, you’re going to Bulla, you always belonged to the U” and things like that (laughs). I take it easy. So far no one has approached me, no one has spoken to me so I’m calm.

– But would you like to go to a big one?

Obviously, it’s a dream, although to tell you the truth, I feel like I’m already in a big one, and God willing we’ll be able to return to First Division. My first objective is to promote with Cobreloa.