Nicolas Cage Explains Why He Will Never Wield A Lightsaber In ‘Star Wars’

No actor can come to Spain without taking the question “Would you like to work with Almodóvar?” in some junketin the same way that no director who is over fifty years old can avoid answering in an interview what do you think Marvel. It is what it is, it comes with the job. In the same way as now Nicolas Cage You have had to answer one of these cyclical questions, with the difference that everything with Nic would win integers: Would you participate in ‘star wars’?

Making faces in a galaxy far, far away

Some time ago, Pedro Pascal commented that he would like the actor would end up in the Disney saga and would do everything possible to recruit him. Now the time has come to find out where the attempt ended. In an interview with Yahoo! EntertainmentCage broke all our expectations for the future, leaving not a crack open: he has no interest in wielding a lightsaber and fighting for the galaxy.

The reason It has not been that I despise blockbusters or who wants to dedicate himself to cultivating the next phase of his career, but something much more prosaic: “The answer is no, I don’t really feel like it. I’m a Trekkie man, I’m on the Enterprise, that’s what I’m into”. Cage, who grew up watching William Shatner and admire the performance of chris pine in the modern saga, he has his reasons for preferring ‘Star Trek’.

I like political and sociological… I think that’s what science fiction is about, a really important genre, where you can say what you want, how you feel. You put it on a different planet, in another time, in the future, and you can, without people jumping on you. You can express what you think, and Star Trek really did. They got into some very serious stuff.

If you’re a fan of Nicolas Cage (and who isn’t?) surely you’re already salivating when you see the trailer for ‘Renfield’but He still has five other films prepared, including the A24 production ‘Dream Scenario’ (in which he plays a man who appears out of nowhere in everyone’s dreams). Yes indeed, the runrún in Hollywood has more to do with the third part of ‘The search’. Is there a future for Cage-branded franchises, or will they at least give us the pleasure of seeing him portrayed as a Vulcan?