Neymar unleashes the wrath of his compatriots: “I get sick”

Lula da Silva has prevailed over Jair Bolsonaro in the Brazilian presidential elections thanks to 50.9% of the votes. A victory that has resounded throughout the country, and that has also affected the world of sports, from where some stars such as Neymar They have not stopped speaking on these dates. However, these messages have not sat well with others.

The Paris Saint-Germain footballer has never hidden his support for the former president, Bolsonaro, but after the vote count and the announcement of Lula’s victory, he did not hesitate to publish an image where he appeared holding the Brazilian flag and pointing his fingers and his gaze to the sky, asking for help: “May your will be done, God.

A message with which the winger has also earned some enemies, such as Juninho Pernambucowho led the olympique de lyon to win Ligue 1 seven times, also scoring 100 goals in 350 games. Today, the former soccer player is still linked to the French club as sports director, and has not hesitated to comment on the statements of his compatriot: “I get sick when I see right-wing Brazilian players like Neymar supporting the fascists. We come from below and we are the people. How can we be on the other side?”.

Brazil remains divided

A message that the journalist Juan Arango has collected, and in which it can be seen how Brazil continues to be divided after these elections have been held, which have been “one of the most important in history” for “the two opposing projects in the country”as Lula assured.

In addition, not only has the ex-Lyon footballer been against Neymar, but many of Lula’s supporters have taken to the streets after the politician’s victory to shout against the PSG player: “Hey, Neymar, you’ll have to testify!”.

And it is that since Neymar’s family do support Bolsonaro’s candidacy, including the player’s father, who has shown his support for him for his message on social networks: “God, country, family and freedom. Thank you for being like this, for being born like this, with courage and faith. Our family and friends are very proud of you.”