News about the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Super realistic images yes, but why?

Even before its release on October 28, 2022, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is making waves. It’s simple, a tour of social networks allows you to see a scene in Amsterdam, more real than real. Has Infinity Ward invented a new technical standard? Let’s take a look.

Modern Warfare 2, more real than life

Obviously giving access to the Modern Warfare 2 single player campaign a week early is genius – hats off to the marketing! Yes, since October 21, players who pre-ordered the digital version of the new Call of Duty can discover its main campaign before anyone else, for early access. A way to encourage the public to buy the game in advance, unlocking bonuses for multiplayer (available at official launch – October 28). But the operation is above all a great publicity for Activision and the studio Infinity Ward. On Twitter, several users have shared a scene that takes place in Amsterdam, extracted from the fourth mission of Modern Warfare 2. And the least we can say is that it is beautiful. the post of a certain Juan It has been widely reported:

Oh my gosh, Amsterdam is incredibly realistic in the latest Call of Duty. I can hardly believe this is a video game.” – John, on Twitter

A really impeccable technique?

In this excerpt, heroes Price, Laswell and Gaz have a Mexican cartel in their crosshairs. They have to kidnap one of their members to get information, no matter if it has to be done in broad daylight, in the middle of a crowd. By the way, in addition to the high-flying technique, it is the setting that affects our impression of reality. as pointed out Nat ClaytonInkle Studio designer (via Kotaku), we don’t often see “deeply mundane, normal, real places” in video games. “When we do it, it’s usually a big open world trying to capture the spirit of a place (Edinburgh’s Forza; Chicago, San Fransisco, Watch Dogs’ London).”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 – Our Capture of Amsterdam (PS5, 4K)

In a way, it is as if Infinity Ward offered us a kind of technical demo. As usual: in Modern Warfare 2, each mission – there are 16 in total – is isolated from the others with a bunch of scripted events, leaving the team free to focus on visuals. In fact, when we look at the images, we realize that not everything is perfect. NPCs behave a bit mechanically and on PS5 you see some aliasing in the background. Despite this, the scene is surprisingly realistic, thanks mainly to a blur that appears when the center of the screen is directed at a character (not so with a weapon in hand). This reproduces the defects of the human eye and peripheral vision.

Not the visuals, the effects of a camera

If you still need convincing, several videos compare the vision of Infinity Ward with the city of Amsterdam in the flesh. It’s a good way to realize that something else can trick us into believing the real thing. That’s right, the camera. As the Kotaku medium points out, Juan’s clip looks like something filmed by hand, thanks to his slow and careful movements. You probably know this syndrome too, as a gamer: wanting everything to be perfect before recording a game capture! That, plus Twitter’s video compression, makes everything look better.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2: Super Realistic Visuals Yes, But Why?

Again thanks to Kotaku’s knowledge, this madness is not unlike the one reserved for the motorcycle game Ride 4 – in 2021. This time, it was a simple race in the rain that caused a stir. Beyond the frankly impressive technique, the experts at digital foundry have discovered that it is above all camera angle which did most of the work! The clip in question is reminiscent of other videos of the genre, on two wheels, with a GoPro screwed to the head. But you should know one thing, here, the angle is the one chosen by the computer during a replay, not the player during his run. This shows that games are full of tricks to increase their impact.