New Year’s gift on Xbox Game Pass: Monster Hunter Rise, from day one

Capcom has gone after the rumors to announce the arrival of Monster Hunter Rise to a new batch of consoles. The game will appear on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S from January 20, 2023. Although the news is even better for owners of one of Microsoft’s consoles: the subscribers of xbox game pass you can play it for free from day one.

Is he first big gift of the year for users of the service. We still don’t know the games that will appear in the catalog in January, but the first to be seen is undoubtedly one of the best titles in recent years.

Monster Hunter Rise is the adaptation of the original game for Nintendo Switch and PC. It will come to consoles with the opportunity to play it at 1080p and 120fps either 4k and 60fps on new generation consoles, although we should call them current generation consoles.

The Nintendo hybrid runs out of exclusivity on Capcom game consoles. The saga has always been one of the best companions of the Big N machines, but those from Osaka have not wanted to miss the opportunity to offer us the game at a resolution and refresh rate impossible to get on switch.

The game will arrive with all the content available so far, except the expansion Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. For this, we will not have to wait too long either: it will be available in the spring of 2023.

There is no news, at the moment, on whether Sunbreak will also be included in Xbox Game Pass. In any case, the base game will be available in consoles, PC and also in the cloud. Therefore, it can be played on mobile phones, Smart TVs and will give the possibility to enjoy the Series X game on Xbox One and Xbox One S.

If you don’t already have Xbox Game Pass, we’re giving you the best chance to get on the service and wait for Monster Hunter Rise to launch. you can enjoy the full xbox experience for only €12.99 per month just for being a Movistar customer. The first month is free and has no permanence.