New night program by Eduardo Fuentes announces his 3 “great guests” for the debut

After leaving La Red, Eduardo Fuentes migrated to TVN, where he will have a new talk show that premieres on Monday, September 12 at 11:45 p.m.

“The idea is to make a very radio program, forgetting television a bit, where two people get together to talk, where more than an interrogation, there is a dialogue, a conversation, in which the guest is calm, we can share experiences, and everything that the person has experienced, ”explained the driver in conversation with Page 7.

The new space has already defined the “great guests” who will be in the episodes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the week of its debut with Goodnight everyone.

The guest who will open the fires will be the Mega cheerleader, Diana Bolocco.

Then, on the second day, it will be the turn of Margot Kahl, a TV host who has been away from the screen for years, but now returns with her program Today we talk also on the public channel.

And the third will be the outstanding actor Héctor “Tito” Noguera, who was recently part of the TV series poor boyfriend (Mega).

“They invited me to a program that is in accordance with what I like to do,” Fuentes said in the last few hours about his new space. “I didn’t want to get to something big, a star for example, because it’s not my style, I think it’s not me and it doesn’t go with my profile.”

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