New NASA rocket attempt to the Moon will be on Saturday

On Monday, the launch of the rocket that gives the initial foot to the mission that seeks to return human beings to the Moon was going to take place, but one of the engines did not reach the right temperature.

The NASA will make a second attempt to launch its powerful new rocket to the Moon on Saturday, after canceling a test flight earlier in the week, an official said.

Takeoff was scheduled for Monday morning, but was canceled because a test to get one of the rocket’s four RS-25 engines up to temperature for launch was unsuccessful.

Mike Sarafin, manager of the Artemis 1 mission at NASA, announced the date for the new launch attempt – a key step in the US program that wants to return astronauts to the moon at a news conference on Tuesday.

AFP – Launch of Artemis 1, August 29

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The goal of Artemis 1named for Apollo’s twin sister, will test the 98-meter rocket with the Space Launch System and the Orion capsule, adapted for crew, in its highest part.

The mission does not carry a crew, instead there are dummies equipped with sensors that will record acceleration, vibration and radiation levels.

Tens of thousands of people, including US Vice President Kamala Harris, have gathered to watch the launch, which se takes place 50 years after the Apollo 17 astronauts last set foot on the Moon.

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