Netflix tests public identifiers in its games for multiplayer and leaderboards

MADRID, 29 Aug. (Portaltic/EP) –

Netflix has begun experimenting with public identifiers that users can create to project their playable identity and, in the future, enable multiplayer and a leaderboard that tracks their scores.

The mobile developer Steve Moser has discovered this initiative among the “hidden details” of the code of the application of the ‘streaming’ platform, which has subsequently been published on its website The Tape Drive.

According to their findings, Netflix is ​​testing allowing its users to create what it describes as “a unique public name to play” on the platform, which only supports the use of letters and numbers.

This is a ‘nick’ or pseudonym other than the username. The latter will not be visible to the rest of the players, nor will the icon.

Moser has advanced that this personal identifier will also be used so that a user can send an invitation to another and enjoy multiplayer titles in the future. It will also allow the player to check their score on a leaderboard.

The Netflix spokesperson Kumiko Hidaka has confirmed to TheVerge that the company began rolling out these user IDs in some titles, such as Into the Breach, Bowling Ballers, and Mahjong Solitaire, last month.

The personal identifiers reach the playable area of ​​the streaming platform after learning that Netflix is ​​preparing a streaming platform for cloud gaming.

The company would thus seek to reinforce its commitment to video games despite the fact that only 1 percent of their total subscriber base enjoy them, according to recent data compiled by Apptopia and published by CNBC.

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