Netflix allows you to transfer configured profiles to newly created accounts

MADRID, Oct. 18 (Portaltic/EP) –

Netflix has begun to roll out a new feature that allows platform profiles to be transferred to newly created accounts, so that users continue to have access to their usual settings.

This feature is called Profile Transfer and allows subscribers to create their original profile information, such as movies and series added to ‘My List’ or saved games, to their new accounts.

Netflix has indicated it’s a statement that this function is already available in all countries and has explained what will be the steps that subscribers must follow to proceed with this migration.

First of all, the platform users will be notified by email the availability of the so-called Profile Transfer when it has been enabled in their accounts.

Next, users will need to access the Account section (by clicking on the user image), choose ‘Transfer profile’ and follow the instructions of the streaming platform. These include entering an email address and a password for the new account.

Finally, Netflix has indicated that it will keep a copy of the migrated profile in the original account and has reminded that users will be able to disable transfer profile in your account settings at any time.