Nelson Tapia offers himself on Twitter: “If you want to be a champion, call me”

Nelson Tapia asks for a new opportunity to continue his career as a technician. The emblematic goalkeeper of the National Team, Universidad Católica and O’Higgins left Libertad de Loja in September, which the previous season he had managed to promote to the second category of Ecuadorian football. In September he left the institution. He had already accomplished the same achievement the year before, when he led Guayaquil Sport to Serie B. That time he had suffered the same fate the following season.

Nevertheless, the former goalkeeper he does not give up. Through her Twitter account, she sends a forceful message asking for a new opportunity. Although he uses emoticons to express his position, the translation is obvious: “If you want to be champion, call me”. There are more signs: a Chilean flag, which denotes that the message is addressed to the national clubs, and a telephone number, which shows, precisely, that he expects contact by that means.

The final part of the message does not even require interpretations. “I’m in Quito”, he points out, by way of geolocation.

It is not the first time that Tapia appears on Twitter with a controversial message. Two years ago, in fact, he raised a curious ‘challenge’. Under the title “Bad journalists who don’t even play with land”, a survey of open alternatives, revitalized the old dispute related to the eventual incompetence of professionals who have not set foot on a playing field to criticize soccer performance. Naturally, he found responses among fans.

On that occasion, in fact, Claudio Bravo got involved, although adding another category: “Bad soccer players who think they are Pelé with a bad microphone”.

Marco Antonio Figueroa was also involved in the peculiar survey. “My dear Nelson, you missed numbers,” said the Ghost.

After hanging up his shoes and gloves, Tapia decidedly began the task of continuing to be linked to football. First coached school and college teams and then served as technical manager of Unión Temucothe club founded by Marcelo Salas that ended up merging with Deportes Temuco and adopting the name of the most traditional team in the capital of the La Araucanía region. The same role fulfilled in Sports Colchagua.

In Ecuador, Barcelona de Guayaquil received him as a goalkeeper coachthough He was even able to temporarily lead the Idolo first team, in the last game of the 2019 season..

The following year, he began his solo coaching career. The same one that now seeks to revive.