“nearly 12 billion” in aid for businesses and communities

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3:30 p.m., October 27, 2022

While energy prices are soaring in France for companies, Elisabeth Borne announces three new measures for companies and communities. In total, the effort made by the State represents “nearly 12 billion” euros, underlines the Prime Minister.

Elisabeth Borne announced Thursday three new devices to contain energy prices for businesses and communities, for a total effort increased to “12 billion euros”, during a press conference in Matignon.

The first, called “electricity shock absorber”, will aim to cover part of the electricity bill for “VSEs that do not benefit from the tariff shield, SMEs, associations, local authorities and public establishments”. The government will also “simplify and amplify the targeted aid, already in force for companies”. With regard to communities, he will present an amendment to the finance bill providing for “the extension and amplification of the safety net for the year 2023”.

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