Natthy Chilean revealed how much Mauricio Pinilla would have supposedly paid her: an audio of the escort was leaked

The crazy reel of the escort Natthy Chilena with former soccer player Mauricio Pinilla continues to talk.

This Sunday night, the journalist Sergio Rojas broadcast a new chapter of his program Que te lo digo where he revealed an audio of the model where she told how much the former soccer player would have paid her for her “homes”.

It should be mentioned, that Some time ago the model also leaked some intimate videos of the party with Pinilla and a mysterious woman.

In the audio that Rojas shared, Natthy assured that “he told me that he was single, nothing has happened with the Gala for a long time, if I have known him for a long time, I have been attending him for a long time.”

“I went there and was accompanied by another girl (…) then we were alone (…) We were all crazy, he gave me a battery, I hadn’t used it for four months, I was crazy crazy and I started uploading all the stories, I didn’t even catch my soul, “added the escort in the audio.

Likewise, later in the revelations of Natthy Chilena, he assured that on that occasion “he paid me 2,600 million and yesterday he screwed up 350 lucas.”

The rest of the audio is quite risqué, where the young woman described details about the meeting with the former player. Likewise, meter also reported on the existence of the audio.

Check out the full program below: