NASA still has no explanation for dark energy, the great puzzle of science

Albert Einstein developed his General Relativity Theory to describe the gravity and, so far, it has pinpointed everything from Mercury’s orbit to the existence of black holes.

But if this theory cannot explain dark energysome scientists have claimed, then some of its equations may need to be modified or new components added.

the dark energy

The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate and scientists don’t know why. This phenomenon seems to contradict everything researchers understand about the effect of gravity on the cosmos: It’s like throwing an apple into the air and it keeps going up, faster and faster. The cause of the acceleration, called dark energyremains a mystery.

New research presented on August 23 at the International Conference on Particle Physics and Cosmology (COSMO’22) in Rio de Janeiro concludes that Einstein’s theory still works.

But, there is still no explanation for dark energy. That is why two next missions will be carried out: the euclid mission from ESA, whose launch is scheduled for 2023, which has contributions from NASA; and the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope NASA, scheduled for launch in May 2027.

The goal of both missions is for the telescopes to look for changes in the strength of gravity over time or distance. And during these years of preparation that technological advances are more precise to give an answer.

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