NASA discusses partnering with Elon Musk: the reason

It all started in September 2022, When Russia sent the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft into space of the company Roscosmos, with two Russian astronauts and one American from NASA to join the ISS, which involved a trip for research purposes. The return of these three researchers It was scheduled for March of this 2023.


However, on December 14, the ship’s alert system has been triggered when the cosmonauts Sergei Prokopiev, Dmitry Petelin and Frank Rubio they were getting ready to face a walk through space. In this framework, it was found that there was a severe drop in cooling system pressurewhich is essential to keep the crew safe from the high temperatures once the Earth’s atmosphere is passed.

Over the hours they concluded that a micrometeorite or space debris could have hit the ship, that would have perforated the sector of the capsule where the refrigerant liquid takes place. Later, NASA released an image in which it could be seen a jet of white particles escaping into space.

Now, experts on Earth are investigating time trial different ways to save russian astronauts and all the crew of the Stationsince in the event that the Russian module is uncoupled, it could endanger the integrity of the renowned space laboratory.


Elon Musk and a possible rescue

On the one hand, specialists in Roscosmos are analyzing what caused the damage, how severe it is and how to get the three crew members back before March, date on which it is scheduled to return to Earth.

Refering to POTthe agency He stated that he could intervene if the situation is not favorable for the integrity of the entire ISS crew and if the Soyuz MS-22 malfunction is not resolved.

It should be noted that the members of the laboratory are the Russian astronaut Anna Kikina, the Americans Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada and the Japanese Koichi Wakata. For this reason, There are a total of seven people who must be brought back.


Following the specialized site Space Policy Online, the authorities on Earth would choose theto final option by the end of Januaryand among the possibilities there is the use of the Space X Crew Dragon capsule to return them all.

“We have asked SpaceX a few questions about their ability to bring in additional crew on their Dragon ship if necessary, but that’s not our main focus right now“, indicated a source consulted by the aforementioned medium.

Today, the International Space Station has a “docked and fully operational” Crew Dragon ship, but the doubts are about if the crew capacity would be exceeded, if another ship would have to be sent or if trips should be repeated with the same capsule.

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